Our solution is addressed to all kind of professionals that sell goods or services and aim to increase their revenue from existing  customers or attract new ones.


A loyalty program is a rewards program which is offered by a company to its customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program can be also used in order to attract new customers. A customer can benefit from special sales coupons or gather “points” that correspond to a price reduction in future purchases.

The Loyalty programs include the design phase (depending on the program type – back-office “points”, coupons etc.), the calculation phase (calculating the reward points/coupons) and the redemption phase (manage the redemption of the calculated points/coupons). In addition, loyalty program information and reporting should be provided both to customers and merchants.

We have proven experience in designing and implementing loyalty schemes, we can therefore help you maximize customer retention and increase customer spending with custom made loyalty programs designed for your business marketing plans.


Our solution is addressed to Issuing Banks who aim to reward their customers.

In the Credit Cards business, loyalty programs aim in keeping card usage in high numbers, provide benefits to card holders and to co-branding merchants and at the same time attract new customers, for both the issuer and the merchant.

Customer rewarding can include interest rate decrease, coupons issuing, “cash injection” or “cash back” transactions. Customers can be entitled to these rewards either because they match certain criteria like for example purchase amount exceeding a specific limit, or because they belong to a predefined customers list chosen by the Marketing department.


Our solution is addressed to payment services companies who aim to reward their customers or point of sales users.

The payment services company can either reward selected customers who own Promo Codes distributed by the company, or customers who conduct certain money transfer transactions (e.g. money transfer amount exceeding a predefined limit). Special “Bring your friends” loyalty program can be used to encourage an existing customer to act as a salesman, by introducing new customers to the company. Loyalty programs can be also used to reward point of sales users who achieve high volumes of money remittances.

A simple to use dashboard allows business users (usually from the Marketing department) to define all attributes of Loyalty programs and their duration. Loyalty programs can be created from scratch or you can clone an existing one. A loyalty program can expire either because it has reached its end date or even earlier if predefined budget for this program is exhausted. Through the same dashboard, business users can monitor point of sales users’ activity who participate in loyalty programs.

Reward types are user defined; most often customer’ reward is a discount on the money remittance charges.

While the customer conducts a money transfer, the system checks if the customer has presented a Promo Code or if transaction’ attributes match with an active loyalty program (e.g. money transfer amount exceeding a certain limit). If this is the case, then the system displays the customers’ reward.