we provide software solutions that help our customers grow

What we do

an overview

We build WEB and mobile software solutions tailored to our customer’s needs. We develop and deliver solutions that transform our customers’ processes and their entire operations. Our team has extensive experience designing and developing software solutions and applications for a range of environments and platforms.

Our customers are usually service providers, with a focus in Banks and Payment Institutions, but we have the knowledge and experience to provide customized solutions to a variety of industries.

Depending on our customer’s needs we undertake projects regardless of their size. From large scale projects like complete ERP software suites, to small scale projects like website pages, our commitment on the project’s success remains the same.

What we believe in

our mission and our values

Our mission is to provide quality solutions to our clients, in a professional and cost-effective way that will produce significant improvements in their performance and the management of the services they deliver to their customers. Our success is our clients’ success and their long-lasting trust on us, is our proof for the quality of the solutions we provide, based on our values which include:

  • Provide high quality, customized solutions, based solely on customer needs that will offer them competitive advantage in their market

  • Work in High Professional Standards, but offered in a cost-effective way

  • Build a long-lasting relationship with our clients, to create a win-win environment

How we work

our approach

Our methodology includes distinct development phases. The Analysis , User Experience Study and Prototyping  phases are conducted, working closely with our customer. All phases are documented in detail in order to ensure ease of maintenance and operations. For a more detailed description please take a look at our Services page.

Regardless of the project’s complexity and scale we strive for:

  • Quality software

  • Software loyal to our customer’s needs

  • On time deliveries

  • Software solutions built based on our methodology and standards

  • Software solutions that are easy to expand in the future, and easy to operate and maintain

Our team

Creating quality results, requires quality teams, made of distinguished team members that share the same values, dedicated to produce results that make an impact.

Our team is empowered by experienced IT staff, not only with academic background, but with proven results on their field of expertise and a strong attitude for high ethics and team building.

We offer them a challenging but well organised environment, in order to produce in high standards, continuously improve their skills and maintain a suitable job-satisfaction level.