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  • Credit Cards Billing Process

    Credit Cards Billing Process     Our customer needed to replace its credit cards billing process with a new one, in order to  create a new system which would support different interest rates categories, new account repayment, clear aging rules and easy integration with loyalty programs.       CSS […]
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  • AS400 Change Management

    AS400 Change Management     Our customer wanted to apply Change Management procedures and standards to its Cards Management System in order to comply with the SOX-404 requirements. The CMS environment was in-house developed in an AS/400 platform but there were no distinct environments for Development, testing, QA and Production. […]
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  • UI redesign for a Fraud Detection System

    UI redesign for a Fraud Detection System     The complete UI redesign of the existing application “Fraud detection” and the new UI’s integration with the algorithms used in the original software. The Fraud detection application, functions as a real-time system that detects fraud based on predefined scenarios that apply […]
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  • Credit Risk Evaluation for Bank

    Credit Risk Evaluation for Bank     A major bank in Greece needed to integrate a Credit Risk Evaluation System in its customers loan requests evaluation procedures in order to evaluate its customer’s finance requests efficiently, assist lending processes and better control the underlying credit risk.     CSS as […]
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  • HERMES Money Transfer in Greece

    Hermes Money Transfer integration in Greece     Migration from the old system to a new more flexible system by using innovative technologies, in order to create an environment where customers can use the Western Union money transfer services safely and confidently.     CSS provided a total solution to […]
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  • Hermes Money Transfer in Turkey

    Hermes Money Transfer integration in Turkey     Our customer, a financial institution in Turkey who wanted to penetrate the country’s existing money transfer business, with the use of a proven software solution which would cover all aspects of the money transfer business.     The institution honored us by […]
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  • Loyalty Programs for Greek Super Market chain

    Loyalty Programs for Greek Super Market chain     Our customer National Bank of Greece wanted to create loyalty program for its AB-VISA credit card product (Super Market co-branding card). The cardholder should gain «points» for every transaction performed with his card, depending on different promotion schemes designed by the […]
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