• Hermes MTS logo
    Hermes™ porting to “Gateway” technology
    12/2017 – Following 16 weeks of development and testing, “Gateway” technology was integrated in our money transfer solution Hermes™. “Gateway” is used for communicating with the new Western Union™ host systems through Web Services and replaces the previously used “Host to Host” technology that was using a custom Western Union™ […]
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Chinese National Payment Card system China Union Pay integration to CMS
    06/2017 – Following 9 weeks of design and development, Chinese national payment card system China Union Pay was successfully integrated to the acquiring network of our client NBG. Cardholders with the China Union Pay international trade mark will be able to perform transactions via the merchants and ATM network of the National […]
  • JTI logo
    Fleet management solution
    05/2017 – Following 16 man weeks of analysis, design and development we delivered a fleet management solution to our client. The solution is implemented using asp.net technologies and supports health and safety company requirements.    
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Boarding merchant project
    02/2017 – ‘Boarding Merchant’ project was designed to resolve the problem of double registration of Merchants and POS terminals to WEB  system iApply and back office system IBMi. Following 2 months of development we delivered  front-end and back-end implementation and achieved real time communication between iApply to the IBMi via […]
  • ICAP logo
    Self registration site for ICAP S.A
    06/2016 – We designed and delivered to our client, a self registration website, through which companies (external users)  can register and then submit their company’s data. The internal user can view and update company’s data, and perform administrative tasks.  The project was implemented with the use of PHP (backend/server), MYSQL […]
  • Arma pharma logo
    New website & e-shop
    12/2015 – website http://www.armapharma.gr/ designed and implemented for pharma company Armapharma S.A. An e-shop service was integrated in the website. Both website and e-shop were implemented using WordPress CMS.    
  • nobilis app
    Nobilis launch
    12/2015 – Mobile application Nobilis is addressed to active lawyers in Greece. The app calculates cases deadlines and synchronizes them with mobile or web calendars. Notifications are produced in order to ensure that lawyers will keep up with all their deadlines.
  • Hermes MTS logo
    Hermes™ loyalty programs integration
    02/2015 – We designed and delivered to our client Worldbridge S.A., a Loyalty programs management solution which allows our client to design in detail and implement its own loyalty programs. Loyalty programs design and setup was implemented using Visual Studio 2013, C#.NET.  The actual rewarding mechanism was integrated in the Hermes™ […]
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Mastercard debit contactless integration to CMS
    01/2015 – Following 3 weeks of development, Mastercard debit card was successfully integrated to the CMS of our client. This is a card supporting Combined Data Authentication (CDA) for contactless transactions and Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) for chip transactions. The card is capable of both EMV and non EMV magnetic-stripe […]
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Visa pre-paid contactless card integration
    05/2014 – New product Visa pre-paid contactless was successfully integrated in the NBG’s Card Management System.
  • Hermes MTS logo
    New online service for Hermes™
    06/2013 – We designed and delivered a new WEB service “OnLine MT” for our product Hermes™ which allows customers to execute a money transfer through their bank account or credit card or goCash package. The service was integrated to the Hermes™ installation our client Worldbridge S.A.
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    New credit cards products integration to CMS
    05/2013 – Following the absorbing of FBB and PROBANK banks by NBG, the credit cards clientele of those banks was absorbed in the CMS of NBG.
  • TNT logo
    TNT Greece – internal postal services application
    03/2013 – Maintenance and improvements of the internal postal services application of TNT Post Greece. Development environment included Visual Studio 2008, C # .NET & SQL Server 2008.
  • Bpn logo
    Hermes™ installation in Turkey
    10/2012 – After 20 weeks of localization and customization our payment services solution Hermes™ was successfully installed in our client BPN ODEME KURULUSU A.S. in Turkey.    
  • Hermes MTS logo
    Money transfer solution Hermes™ launch
    11/2011 – On behalf of our client Worldbridge S.A. we designed and delivered a complete Western Union money transfer solution Hermes™ which allows customers to send money anywhere in the world. A non Western Union service allowing money transfer to bank accounts is also included.    
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Reports migration to new archiving system
    07/2011 – Programs creating reports being archived through SFA (Spool File Archive) were redirected to ASM (Archive Storage Manager), thus achieving migration from the system i platform (“OnDemand”) to the system z platform (“Common Server”)
  • AIT portfolio
    UI redesign for a fraud detection application
    04/2011 – We completely redesigned the UI of an existing fraud detection application, as well as the new UI integration with the algorithms used in the original software. The fraud detection application functions as a real-time system that detects fraud based on predefined scenarios that apply over a pool of […]
  • ICAP logo
    Data bases consolidation for Marketing tool
    07/2010 – Following 2 months of development, we consolidated the databases of our client in the Balkans (Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria) in order to be used by the Marketing tool solution “Advertise”
  • ICAP logo
    Marketing tool completion and installation to production for ICAP S.A
    09/2009 – Following 8 man months of development we delivered a WEB advertisement management solution addressed to the Marketing department of our client. Our solution “Advertise” manages the advertisements of registered companies in different channels of promotion (web, written editions etc).
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Loyalty program integration with CMS billing process
    07/2009 – We designed and delivered a system that rewards selected customers of the Bank which are included in files of an external system (“Triad”). Each of the input files corresponds to a different campaign based on which customers are rewarded. The system was integrated in the CMS of the […]
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Real time information for Bank’s cardholders
    06/2008 – As part of the new 24/7 online banking system of our client, we designed and developed the synchronization of the host IBM z with the back office IBM i system, thus acheiving real time information for the Bank cardholders through all the channels of information of the Bank […]
  • National Bank of Greece logo
    Pensions funds managements delivery
    06/2008 – Following 24 man weeks of development we designed and delivered the pension funds management project addressed to the retired employees of former ETHNOKARTA S.A. which was later absorbed by NBG S.A. The solution was implemented in a WEB environment using Java.